Our Bakery

Whittlebury Bakery is your alternative to supermarket, mass produced bread and sweet treats without the 'artisan' price tag. 

Our team of experienced bakers work exceptionally hard to produce the best quality goods at the lowest price that we can for wholesale and directly to the public at food fairs, through our coffee shop and retail outlets. 

We pride ourselves on being an active member of our local community and regularly get involved with charity work and fundraising.




Our products are all hand crafted, daily for you. There are no machine led production lines in our kitchen.

We can provide you with all breads to meet your needs from sourdough to split tins. Marmite and cheese to chocolate and almond. Whether you are feeding your family or looking for a treat, or even looking for a new wholesale bakery supplier, you (and you tummy) won't regret trying Whittlebury Bakery.

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